Bounce provides parametric earthquake insurance for New Zealand households and businesses

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What is Bounce

We provide simplified and affordable earthquake insurance that pays cash upfront within days of an earthquake to cover unanticipated business expenses, personal expenses and lifestyle costs.

We use Peak Ground Velocity (PGV) data from your nearest GeoNet sensor to measure earthquake intensity. You are eligible for a claim payment when the ground shaking hits 20cm/sec. This is the equivalent to a high magnitude 5 earthquake.

Why do I need it?

Having cash in the bank during a crisis helps fast track recovery. The full economic costs of recovery after an earthquake often far exceed your insurance payments and the money you need to recover from an earthquake is often a lot more than what you have saved away.

At Bounce, we believe everyone should have easy access to financial resources within days after a large earthquake.

Homeowner and renters.

Covering your additional costs of getting your family back on the road to recovery.

Employee Benefit.

Reducing financial stress and strengthening your wellbeing programme by supporting your employees to recover from a large shake.

Business owner.

Supporting your business continuity and your balance sheet during a crisis with an upfront cash payment.

Here's how it works.

Sign-up for a low monthly price. When a large earthquake hits your location, you’ll receive an upfront cash payment. No complex claims processing, just the Bounce promise.

Living with lots of earthquakes in Wellington, its great to know that I will have cash to help us get through when the big one hits. This product is easy to understand and easy to sign up for.

MarniWellingtonCustomer since June 2021

After Canterbury it has been tough getting insurance. Not with Bounce, we were signed up in 5 minutes flat.

MeganChristchurchCustomer since 2021

I love the transparency, simplicity and affordability of Bounce. If an earthquake hits there’s no documentation, I just respond to their text to access the cover… with cash paid into the bank; easy!

RossWellingtonCustomer since April 2021

Proactive claims, no assessors, no delays, no excess, & low hassle.

Conventional insurance is designed to cover significant loss, but Bounce is different. Our goal is to quickly cover your immediate needs—from childcare to loss of income and unexpected work expenses, and anything in between—after a quake. We do that by insuring you through a parametric approach. For a low monthly price, you’re covered whenever an earthquake hits your area. Our Bounce promise is an effortless pay-out within 5 days.


Immediate payout for individuals and households


Immediate payout for households and businesses


Immediate payout for businesses

We can provide commercial parametric cover up to $2m. Please contact us or your friendly insurance broker for more information if you require higher limits to support your business.