Find out why you might need parametric earthquake insurance

Earthquake insurance for New Zealanders.

Bounce makes post-quake recovery simple and affordable

Bounce provides the only parametric earthquake insurance policy in New Zealand. Bounce coverage is based simply on an earthquake meeting the seismic trigger in your location, not time-consuming claims paperwork. We provide a completely independent and transparent process that ensures that we can pay you in days.

Why do I need it?

The full economic costs of recovery after an earthquake often far exceed your insurance payments and the money you need to recover from an earthquake is often a lot more than what you have saved away.

At Bounce, we believe everyone should have easy access to financial resources within days after a large earthquake

Here’s how it works.

Sign-up for a low monthly price. When a large earthquake hits your location, you’ll receive an upfront cash payment.

No complex and lengthy claims processing, just the Bounce promise.

Earthquake intensity determines payment.

We’re powered by GeoNet data, the leading authority on seismic reporting in New Zealand.

Your eligibility to receive payment is determined by the quake intensity at your insured location, as measured by independent and trusted GeoNet strong motion sensors.

Specifically, when peak ground velocity reaches a defined threshold in your neighbourhood, you’re eligible to receive payment. Full payment is made with a seismic shaking of 30cm per second, or approximately M6.0 on the magnitude scale. Our policy also responds to smaller earthquakes by providing a percentage of the payment.

We rely on 3rd party data provided by GeoNet. It’s objective. It’s transparent. And it allows us to make the payout process as simple and fair as possible.

Money in your pocket so you can bounce back faster.

Whether you're a homeowner, renter, a business or a not-for-profit, we have affordable plans designed to fit your needs. Sign-up in three simple steps.

Enter your postal code* to determine your affordable monthly price

Enter your address and contact information

Sign up for a monthly subscription, which you're free to cancel at any time

Alternatively, if you use an insurance broker then please contact them for more information. We can provide commercial parametric cover up to $2m and we have partnerships in place with many brokers around New Zealand.

Living with lots of earthquakes in Wellington, its great to know that I will have cash to help us get through when the big one hits. This product is easy to understand and easy to sign up for.

MarniWellingtonCustomer since June 2021

After Canterbury it has been tough getting insurance. Not with Bounce, we were signed up in 5 minutes flat.

MeganChristchurchCustomer since 2021

I love the transparency, simplicity and affordability of Bounce. If an earthquake hits there’s no documentation, I just respond to their text to access the cover… with cash paid into the bank; easy!

RossWellingtonCustomer since April 2021