The Bounce promise is an effortless payout within days

The Bounce Promise

The Bounce promise is an effortless pay-out within 5 days. Our sole purpose is to pay cash upfront to cover your additional expenses resulting from a large earthquake.

How is Bounce different?

A parametric approach.

EQC and traditional insurance providers have complex claims adjustment processes and payments can take months to get into your hands. We know that the faster money gets into the hands of people and businesses during a crisis, the easier it is to keep living life.

Bounce insures you through a parametric approach —which insures policy holders against the occurrence of an earthquake by paying a set amount based on the quake intensity, rather than based on the cost of damage as in a traditional earthquake policy.

Bounce vs Traditional Insurance.

Covers any unexpected expenses and uninsured impacts

Normal Earthquake Insurance

Reimburse damaged property

So how does it work?

Living with lots of earthquakes in Wellington, its great to know that I will have cash to help us get through when the big one hits. This product is easy to understand and easy to sign up for.

MarniWellingtonCustomer since June 2021

After Canterbury it has been tough getting insurance. Not with Bounce, we were signed up in 5 minutes flat.

MeganChristchurchCustomer since 2021

I love the transparency, simplicity and affordability of Bounce. If an earthquake hits there’s no documentation, I just respond to their text to access the cover… with cash paid into the bank; easy!

RossWellingtonCustomer since April 2021

Doing good. Together.

Lloyd’s is the world’s leading insurance and reinsurance marketplace. They are our financial backers. Click here for information on the financial strength ratings of Lloyd’s.

To ensure payment fairness and transparency, we have engaged with GeoNet. GeoNet is New Zealand’s leading authority on seismic data.

Still got questions?

We provide low cost, quick pay earthquake insurance with the aim of getting more Kiwis protected.